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Banking and cash flow... combined

Slide is a banking app for iPad and iPhone with built-in cash flow forecasting. This means you can manage what has happened and what will happen to your future cash.

Throughout February 2020, we’re running a competition for one lucky Slide user to win a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro. Full details here!

Connections now available with Barclays, First Direct, HSBC and Lloyds

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Cash can be hard when you only know what has happened in the past, not what you need to know for the future. Slide gives you a complete view of your past, current and future financial activity.

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    Today's date is highlighted in green

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    Slide left for the past

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    Slide right for the future

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What can Slide do for you?

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    Combine your financial info

    Combine banking, payment and receipt information for a complete view of past, current and future transactions

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    See your payment history

    Slide left for a statement of transactions sorted both by date (columns) and by income/expenditure headings (rows)

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    See your future bank balance

    See your bank balance on any future day with a forecast of cash in the bank and upcoming receipts and payments

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    Set a target minimum balance

    Set and alter a target minimum balance for your account. Slide alerts you when your forecast dips below the amount

Customise Headings in Slide

No pricing. No contract.

Slide is free to download for all users of the app, with no contract or hidden extras.

Bespoke partner programmes are available to those wanting to give Slide to their business customers.

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    Try Slide for free

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    No hidden extras. Cancel any time.

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    Quick and easy setup.

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Download Slide for free from the App Store today

Download and connect Slide to your company’s bank account. Available bank connections: Barclays, First Direct, HSBC and Lloyds.

  • Free to download

  • Use on iPad and iPhone

  • Connect to your bank

  • FCA Authorised

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