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    Your financial info. Combined

    Slide brings your banking and other financial information together, showing your complete cash position

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    Your payment & balance history

    Slide left for each day’s transaction and balance history, all sorted by your customised income and expenditure sources

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    Your future cash position

    Slide right for a cash flow forecast, based on your current cash in the bank and anticipated receipts and payments

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    Tap to pay or slide to delay

    Use Slide to make, delay or bring forward payments (or part-payments) without opening your banking app

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    Import invoices

    See when suppliers are due to pay and when your invoices need paid, using Slide to pay, part-pay or delay an invoice

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    Create & convert estimates

    Use Slide to create estimates and convert to invoices for payment. Slide the payment date back or forward if needed

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    Set a Target Minimum Balance

    Set and alter a target minimum balance for your account. Slide will alert you when your forecast dips below this amount

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    Receive cash alerts

    Slide alerts you to unexpected money that has come in or been paid out. Link to an income or expenditure row on Slide

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    VAT Management

    Know your VAT obligation before its calculated. Slide can automatically estimate and schedules VAT/GST payments

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“Slide gives me a view of my business unlike any other I have had before. It takes the guesswork away and gives me a true picture of the cash in my business yesterday, today and beyond. All in one app! ”

Grant Hamerton, PGA Professional

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