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Target minimum balance

Target minimum balance

What happens if you get paid later than expected, or a VAT bill comes in, or several creditors want paying at the same time? By the time you know, it may be too late.

Slide is designed to help you stay a step ahead. At the top left hand corner of the app, Slide allows you to set and alter a target balance, helping you keep an eye on the minimum balance required to operate your business.

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Forecast Warning Alerts

As Slide forecasts your bank balance for any future day, Slide will alert you with instant forecast warnings when your forecast dips below your target balance. This can help you plan ahead in the days and weeks beforehand to cover your operating requirements and avoid unnecessary bank fees.

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What can Slide do for you?

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    Combine all your financial info

    Slide brings your banking, accounting and other financial information together, showing your complete cash position.

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    Tap to pay or slide to delay

    Use Slide to make, delay or bring forward payments (or even part-payments) without opening your banking app.

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    See & control your future cash

    Slide right for a cash flow forecast, based on your current cash in the bank and anticipated receipts and payments.

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    Show balance & payment history

    Slide left for each day’s transaction and balance history, all sorted by your customised income and expenditure sources.

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“Slide gives me a view of my business unlike any other I have had before. It takes the guesswork away and gives me a true picture of the cash in my business yesterday, today and beyond. All in one app! ”

Grant Hamerton, PGA Professional

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